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The Sunbrero by Sunesta

The Sunbrero Window & Door Awning

Customized canopy awnings from the pioneer in awnings

Projections up to 60′ • Widths up to 24′

Your home is one-of-a-kind. That’s why Sunesta offers total customization, so that each Sunbrero Retractable Awning is made to fit your home’s style.

Sunesta logo

You get the most features standard with a Sunesta awning!

Smart PVC

Smart PVC is a coated cable that allows you to enjoy ultimate protection for your awning.

Smart Mount

Smart Mounts will keep your window awnings looking like new through tough weather conditions.

5 Year Frame Warranty ~ 5 Year Fabric Warranty

Sunesta fabric selection swatches

Fabric Selection

From stripes to solids, the Sunesta exclusive fabric collection consists of 134 options for you to choose from. When you select our beautiful custom awning, you are getting the most custom awning on the market. View the selection today to find the perfect style for your home.

More Frame Colors Than Any Other Awning Company

It is important that your home matches the colors you choose, and you have the most choice with Sunesta.

Sunesta frame color - white
Sunesta frame color - beige
Sunesta frame color - clay
Sunesta frame color - brown

The Sunbrero: Custom Sizes, made to the inch

The Sunbrero size chart

Customize Your Awning With Extra Features

Smart Mount pull up kit

Our Smart Mount pull-up kit is perfect for keeping your product safe from the elements.

Smart Mount Strap Kit

The Smart Mount storm strap kit is the safest way to keep your product safe during a storm.

Smart Mount Rafter Bars

The Smart Mount rafter bars give the strongest base support of your Sunesta product.

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