3 Patio Covers In One

The All Weather Pergola is really 3 maintenance free patio covers in one:

#1 A Solid Patio Cover

When closed, it protects your Deck or Patio furnishings, appliances and pets, from the elements. The built in gutters drain the water where you want.

#2 An Adjustable Pergola

As you adjust the louvers, they allow you to shade from any angle because they open up to 160°. While you get 100% shade, you are also getting nearly 100% ventilation at the same time because the louvers are parallel to each other. To clean the louvers, just open them completely and clean the top of the louver with a hose or medium power washer from below while standing underneath the louvered roof.

#3 Almost Invisible Pergola

When open, the louvers allow almost 90% of the natural light to come into your large patio windows and doors to give you amazing passive solar heat on cold days and keeping the interior rooms bright and beautiful when ever you want. Many customers say “It’s almost like having no patio cover at all”

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